1.1 This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is the central owner of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and the online collection application (hereinafter referred to as the "Application"). Gayrettepe Mah. Bahar Sok. MOSA Mediation Arbitration Training Consultancy Dispute Resolution Center Inc., which is located at Karanfil Plaza No: 2 Beşiktaş / Istanbul, registered with the Tax Number 623 155 20 14 of the Gevher Nesibe Tax Office. (hereinafter referred to as "MOSA LEGAL") and all real or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as "User") who benefit from the services offered at or access in any way. has been.

1.2 The subject of the contract is the determination of the terms and conditions of use of the website and the Application and the legal responsibilities arising from the use.

1.3 If the User accesses the Website and the Application with a computer, phone, tablet or similar data carrier, completes the Membership Form containing personal information or uses a service on the Website in any way, the following conditions and rules and means that legal responsibilities are read, understood and accepted by the User.

1.4 This Agreement has been published on the website and the Application in its current form, ready for easy access by all Users. MOSA LEGAL reserves the right to unilaterally change this Agreement and the content of legal warnings at any time without notifying the User.


It is the access of the User to the online payment system and other services on the Website by accessing the and Online Payment application provided by MOSA LEGAL with a computer, tablet, phone or similar mobile data carrier.


3.1 After the User enters the Website and fills in the Membership Form required for registration completely and correctly, saves the e-mail address, enters the code sent to the GSM number and confirms the number, he / she starts to use the Application with a user name and password he / she has determined.

3.2 Each GSM number and e-mail address can only be selected once for one User. The user cannot change the user name he received during the membership process later. The User may change his / her password at any time, under the sole responsibility of the User to choose and protect the password. MOSA LEGAL has the authority to determine the character types that cannot be included in the username and password.

3.3 Upon completion of the membership process, the User accesses the Application membership account by entering the user name in the form of an e-mail address, GSM number together with the password in the member login system. Any responsibility arising from the forgetting of the username and passwords in the form of e-mail address, their seizure by others or the use of them in an unlawful and unauthorized manner belongs to the User.

3.4 The User can make a request by applying in writing to MOSA LEGAL's address for membership cancellation and account closure through the membership account in the Application. The authorization of the User who terminates his membership to the Application through the account canceled or closed is canceled. User, termination of membership and account closure process is irreversible; Upon closure, he acknowledged that he would not be able to access the account.

3.5 MOSA LEGAL may send a letter, e-mail, SMS to the User by using the contact information entered into the membership system in accordance with the Privacy Policy and relevant legal regulations in order to inform the User about the activities related to the online payment application; notify by phone call or other means of communication.

3.6 MOSA LEGAL reserves the right to change, reorganize, cease broadcasting, without prior notice, the terms of use of any services, products, applications available on the Application and the information provided on The changes take effect at the time of publication on the website.

3.7 and the online payment Application may contain links or references to other websites or applications that are not under the control of MOSA LEGAL. MOSA LEGAL is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

3.8 MOSA LEGAL can transform services that do not require membership into a status that requires membership over time. MOSA LEGAL can partially or completely change some services or make them paid.

3.9 MOSA LEGAL can determine different types of membership, subject to different content, advantages and rules. Information on membership types and terms of membership are published separately on and in the relevant sections of the Application.

3.10 MOSA LEGAL, in order to provide a more efficient transfer to the User, automatically and temporarily storing the information provided by the User or the information obtained through User behavior in the cache, all the information (except credit card information) that the User has obtained about his business activities. It cannot be held responsible for using it for commercial purposes.


4.1 The User can use the Application by accessing the website.
4.2 The user must enter their e-mail address and password in order to connect to the online payment service that requires membership. This process is defined as "member login" on the website. The first password of the User is notified to him by MOSA LEGAL and the User is obliged to change this password and determine his own password immediately.

4.3 The User can make a payment by entering his own account in the Application by filling in the relevant parts in the online collection section that appears before him. The User makes online payments by using the Application, the amount to be paid, the company name, phone number, e-mail address, cardholder, card number, credit card expiry date and security number correctly entered and pay by selecting the payment installment method. It is possible by clicking the link.

4.4 Upon completion of all these transactions, the User completes the payment by entering the password sent to his mobile phone by being directed to the 3D security system of his bank.

4.5 The User can only pay using Visa, Mastercard or American Express type credit cards in the Application.

4.6 MOSA LEGAL has the right to make changes in the services included in the application and to provide different services according to each merchant.


5.1 user, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information or general ethics rules containing inappropriate expressions and the Republic of Turkey laws constitute a violation would not be a member of the application with the information, all the responsibilities arising in these cases that belonged to him; It accepts and undertakes that its membership can be canceled in such cases.

5.2 The User shall not be a member of the Application by using personal information such as the IP address, e-mail address, user name and password belonging to third parties, that they will not access or receive services from these third parties without permission, and that these Users will It undertakes not to reach or use them without permission from.

5.3 The User undertakes not to illegally use the credit card and payment information of third parties while receiving services from the Application, to access the Application and to perform transactions only with legal purposes and means.

5.4 The User must enter his credit card information for the payments to be made using the Application; that this information is kept in the infrastructure of providers such as Mastercard / Visa / American Express and the User's own bank; It acknowledges that the user's credit card information is not known by MOSA LEGAL and that the payment infrastructure is provided by these banks and providers.

5.5 The user will not share his / her personal information such as user name, password or confidential information of payment instruments with third parties; it is his / her responsibility to ensure the security of this information or the data carrier on which the Application is registered; It undertakes that the User is directly responsible for any damages arising from the sharing of these or the use of the application by persons other than the application whose user name and password are unique to him, and that he will not make any claims from MOSA LEGAL in case of violation of the usage rights of this information.

5.6 The user undertakes not to copy the site content, online payment application, software and system partially or completely, not to reproduce, process, distribute or make derivative works from the content of which MOSA LEGAL or its contracted customers have the usage or copyrights.

5.7 The User shall not use software or tools that will threaten the security of or the Application and prevent the operation of the site, the Application, the software used or the system; will not commit fraudulent transactions in this direction; not engage in activities that prevent or make it difficult for other users or visitors to use or the Application; enforce or lock down servers or databases by installing or using automated programs; MOSA undertakes not to attempt fraudulent transactions that may harm LEGAL or its member businesses.

5.8 The user is responsible for the use of visual, audio and written content, domain name, design, logo, logotype, emblem, image, icon, graphic, sign, symbol or all other technical data, files on and the Application. , catalogs, databases, design and the software used in the creation of the database, all related materials, the system applied, the campaign and promotion procedures, user comments and information regarding the contracted workplaces, the use, license or all kinds of intellectual property rights belong to MOSA LEGAL. does. In the event that the User copies or uses any element on or the Application for commercial or personal purposes in violation of the intellectual property legislation, the user may not be responsible for any violation of the license or intellectual property rights of MOSA LEGAL or its contracted businesses. It accepts, declares and undertakes to compensate the damage and to bear any legal or criminal liability that may arise.

5.9 In case the User violates the commitments contained herein or acts in violation of the law and the site and application policies of MOSA LEGAL, MOSA LEGAL will not allow the User to access or the Application, to become a member of the service. it can prevent them from taking them temporarily or indefinitely. All legal rights of MOSA LEGAL are reserved due to any damages arising from activities contrary to the commitments or the law or the site or application policies of MOSA LEGAL.

5.10 The User may be able to interrupt the access to or the Application by MOSA LEGAL due to technical malfunctions or other reasons, the service efficiency may be stopped or the access to the membership system may be blocked and MOSA due to the access interruption of or the Application. It acknowledges that it cannot make any claims from LEGAL.

The user accepts that he / she is entirely responsible for the malfunctions, loss of information and other losses caused by his / her own devices during the use of MOSA LEGAL services, and that he / she cannot claim compensation from MOSA LEGAL for the damages that may be incurred due to the use of the service.

5.12 The User accepts, declares and undertakes to compensate MOSA LEGAL for any damages that may be incurred as a result of these activities if the User engages in activities that violate the Law No.5651 through or the Application.

5.13 The User undertakes that this Agreement will not open a membership account again by using any name, title or e-mail address, unless MOSA LEGAL receives written approval, in cases where MOSA LEGAL terminates its membership unilaterally in accordance with Article 7 below.

5.14 The user's violation of the commitments contained in this article shall be deemed a reason for termination in accordance with Article (7.2) of this User Agreement. MOSA LEGAL may demand compensation from the User for any damages incurred due to this violation.


6.1 MOSA LEGAL accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not open the user's personal information submitted during the membership process to the sharing of third parties, except for judicial, administrative or legal obligations.

6.2 MOSA LEGAL accepts, declares and undertakes that the User who visits or the Application will not present the data kept regarding the access time, access time, pages viewed and similar matters to third parties and will keep it confidential.

6.3 MOSA LEGAL, in order to provide a faster and more direct service by determining the interests of the User who performs the membership process, the access time to or the Application, the time of access, the pages visited, preferences and similar MOSA LEGAL ' and keep, store, use, process and turn into data the non-personal data it provides. The User who performs the membership process and accepts the Agreement, is deemed to have approved the storage of all these data. The data listed in this article are not considered within the scope of personal information in article (6.1) of this Agreement.

6.4 MOSA LEGAL has taken every precaution regarding the security and functionality of the website and the Application. However, MOSA LEGAL cannot be held responsible for any damages arising from access error, interruption, deletion, virus, delay of the transaction or communication, fraud or theft arising from the access tool used by the User or the internet connection in general.

6.5 MOSA LEGAL constantly checks the accuracy and currency of the information available on and the Application. However, despite all efforts, there may be differences between the current status of the relevant information and its status on and the Application. MOSA LEGAL will not be liable for any legal liability in such cases of technical or typographical errors.

6.6 MOSA LEGAL has the authority to save, keep, backup and delete some or all of the online payments that the User will make through the Application at intervals it deems appropriate. MOSA LEGAL will not be held responsible for these actions.

6.7 MOSA LEGAL uses information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. produced by itself and / or purchased from outside. owns the copyrights of the works arising from ownership and ownership.

6.8 The content of the information entered into the Application by the User is entirely under the responsibility of the User, and MOSA LEGAL is not responsible for false or erroneous reporting of this information.

6.9 MOSA LEGAL may make changes in the implementation of this contract as well as change the existing articles or add new articles in order to comply with the technical requirements and legislation that may arise in the future.

6.10 MOSA LEGAL can turn non-subion services into a subion situation over time, open additional services, change some of its services partially or completely, or convert them into paid services.


7.1 This Agreement will remain in effect as long as the User continues to subscribe to the Application. It will expire if the user's membership is permanently suspended.

7.2 MOSA LEGAL may terminate the Agreement unilaterally in the event that the Users violate this Agreement, the rules regarding usage, membership and services within the site and in the application, and in particular in the following cases, and the User shall not be liable for any and all kinds of MOSA LEGAL's will be liable for compensation for damage:

7.2.1 Manipulating the operation of the site and application by any method by the User,
7.2.2 If the User transfers / allows a third party to use his / her membership account,
7.2.3 The User acts in violation of the rights of third parties,
7.2.4 The User makes transactions from someone else's credit cards and / or membership accounts via or the Application without permission,
7.2.5 It is determined by MOSA LEGAL that the User deliberately gave false information and statements in the Membership Form or used statements contrary to general moral rules,
7.2.6 The User does not comply with the statements and commitments in section (5) of this Agreement.


8.1 MOSA LEGAL, its address in Article (1) of this Agreement; The user has accepted the e-mail address provided during the membership process as the notification address.

8.2 The Parties have accepted that the notifications and submissions made to the e-mail address that the User notified during membership will have all the legal consequences of a valid notification. If MOSA LEGAL does not inform MOSA LEGAL about the change in the e-mail address by the user, the notification made to the old e-mail address is deemed valid.


The Parties agree that in any dispute regarding this Agreement, the books, documents and records of MOSA LEGAL and the correspondence between the Parties shall constitute valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence in accordance with the Article (193) of the HMK; They acknowledged that this article is in the nature of a written evidence agreement.


10.1 Turkish Law is applicable to all disputes arising from this Agreement.

10.2 Again, the authority to deal with the disputes arising from the Contract belongs to the Courts of Kayseri Courthouse and the Execution Directorates of this Court.


This User Agreement has been read by the Parties; it has entered into force indefinitely upon the User's filling and approval of the membership form, with the content fully accepted